Yoga programs for all ages and all abilities.

Yoga is for everyone. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from a regular yoga practice. 

The lifelong tools learned through yoga continue to give long after we step off our mats.

All programs are welcoming to those living with disabilities, special needs, disadvantages, illness, disease, or other life challenges. 

Please contact us with any programming questions.

After School

Our focus is on helping children and adolescents develop a positive-self concept, teaching them how to better relate to others and the world they live in, reducing anxiety and managing healthy emotions. Increased awareness, self-control, coordination and balance, mental focus, physical strength and flexibility, are enhanced in a fun, comfortable environment. 

Classes can be divided by grade, age or ability.

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Join us for donation-based yoga classes in partnership with Blue Sky Yoga!

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Community Page

stillness.  gratitude.  empowerment.  creativity.  flexibility.  strength.  confidence. patience. education.

Adult  & Senior

Often times we are so busy in routines, that we forget to replenish our minds and bodies. 

The benefits of yoga will change your life to help you optimize your life and support your whole Self. 

Caregivers welcome.


& Special Events

From weekly staff yoga classes, to private events, conferences, YFL provides quality yoga experience to reduce stress, increase focus and cognitive performance, and optimize the ability to be your best Self.

Benefits of yoga are endless and are found in as little as one class. 

Individuals practicing yoga on a consistent basis receive long-term positive improvements.
Benefits are inclusive to every individual, including those with physical or mental disabilities. 


  • Balanced emotions

  • Improved attention and focus control

  • Improved cognitive efficiency

  • Reduced anxiety and general distress

  • Reduced negative thought patterns

  • Reduced negative behavior, hostility, anger, early drug/alcohol use 

  • Improved resilience to stress and greater sense of calm

  • Improved social well-being and coping skills

  • Improved emotions, self-esteem and fatigue

  • Improved physical abilities and kinesthetic awareness

Have questions about how yoga can benefit you, your loved one, or your community? Contact us!

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