Service to all. 

Our mission is to provide specialized yoga classes to all age and all abilities.

We teach tools for life that help people become strong individuals and contributing members to their community and the world.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from a regular yoga practice regardless of ability, disadvantage or financial standing.


Mindful movements of the body and meditation have been proven to do wonders for the human body and mind. Yoga is for everyone; children, adolescents, adults and seniors, including those who are living with disadvantages, special needs, disabilities, illness, injury or other life challenges. We focus on give the opportunity to use and improve imagination, visualization, physical abilities, and mental focus through yoga.

The lifelong tools learned in yoga continue to give long after we step off our mats. 

YFL has been serving the Las Vegas community since 2016. We have partnerships throughout Las Vegas offering programming in schools, community centers, offices, rehabilitation centers, mental health centers, foster care centers, and more. 

Interested in bringing yoga to your workplace or special event?  Contact us!

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